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04 November 2016

嚐”聚”在天晴 , 溫暖您的心 !

  瘋狂天晴強勢回歸 ! 但這次改走暖男路線 , 決定每星期送一組旅客品嚐知名火鍋 “聚” , 儘管寒冷的天氣 , 也能溫暖您的心 !! 寒冷冬天 , 不吃火鍋 ? 不然要幹麻??? 活動期間 11/4 ~ 12/31 抽獎時間訂於每週五 , 抽出下星期得獎旅客名單 , 中獎房號每人皆有一張”聚”火鍋餐劵 (張數以入住人數為主且不超過該房型之人數) , 請各位提早預訂才能享有此好康喔~~ The winter is coming! Taipei Sunny Hostel decides to give the Gi Guo Hokkaido Konbu Hot Pod tickets for you! There will be raffle draws for the Hot Pod tickets every week. The activity starts from November 4th, 2016 to December 31st, 2016. The draw for the raffle takes place on every Friday for the next week's lucky winners! We will raffle drawing with a room number. Everyone in that room will get the Hot Pod tickets! (Depends on the original number of people in the room. ) What are you waiting for? Come to Taipei Sunny Hostel and get the chance to win the Hot Pod Tickets!    
11 February 2016


老闆居然帶這種東西回來 ? 是要讓大家玩瘋了嗎?還可以全球連線對戰,等您來挑戰喔! What a crazy boss! He brings a darts to our hostel! You can shoot the darts on line with the other players!! Everyone can be a darts master! Come to Taipei Sunny Hostel to challenge it!!      
22 March 2016

台灣高鐵電子票 – 享75折優惠 ( High Speed Railway 25% off E-tickets )

天晴最新推出 --- 外國旅客手機 App購買高鐵票服務 , 只要手機掃描QRcode , 進入線上預訂平台 , 依照幾個簡單的步驟 , 便能輕鬆購買高鐵票 , 最重要的是 : 不分搭乘時段 , 一律享有75折優惠 . Special Discount ! Foreigners Only ! High Speed Railway 25% off E-ticket . Easy to buy !

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